About our Company

Petrogeo Oil and Gas Consult Ltd is registered by the Petroleum Commission of Ghana as a Fully Indigenous Ghanaian Company to undertake Technical Consultancy and Research & Development Services in the Upstream Petroleum Industry in Ghana.

PetroGeo Oil and Gas Consult Ltd is an independent consulting practice providing expert training and technical advice to the oil and gas industry. Our services include training courses and technical support from exploration through to development and production. We boast of highly skilled staff with diverse background and expertise in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Astute technical competence and continuous improvement is what we offer in this complex industry providing sustainable solutions and expert technical advice that adds value to our clients’ assets and as they focus on their core aspects of operations. We partner our clients to provide solutions that meet their strategic goals and give them competitive advantage. We pride ourselves in a core of creative, innovative and competent staff that bring new ideas and perspectives to multifaceted technical challenges.