Course Scope

This short course is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge on modern technologies used for directional and multilateral drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. It is aimed at developing the required skills of participants needed for efficient and economical drilling practices as well as providing solutions to drilling problems encountered during well planning and drilling operations. The course is tailored to the need of the petroleum industry and at the same time to help the participants to effectively take part and perform day-to-day drilling operations.



At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the reasons we drill directionally
  2. Plan the trajectory of a 2D directional well
  3. Describe the areas of application and classification of multilateral wells
  4. Explain the causes of stuck pipe and methods of fishing a junk


  Directional Well Types and Applications/Deflection Tools for Kick-off: (1 day)

  • Directional drilling terminologies
  • Types of directional wells l
  • Application of directional wells
  • Whipstock
  • Jetting
  • Downhole motor & bent sub
  • Downhole turbine
  • Rotary steerable system

  Stuck Pipes/Directional Survey Instruments: (1 day)

  • Causes of stuck pipe – formation related, mechanical related, & differential sticking
  • Indicators of differential sticking
  • Potential causes of differential sticking
  • Methods of freeing a stuck pipe
  • Methods of removing mudcake
  • Acid bottle inclinometer
  • Magnetic single-shot and multi-shot instruments
  • Inclinometers, accelerometers, & magnetometers
  • Gyroscope

  Well Planning & Trajectory/Data Transmission System: (1 day)

  • Directional drilling – Think 3D
  • Planning directional well trajectory
  • Factors involved in planning directional wells
  • Compass quadrant and azimuth relationship
  • Build & hold; build-hold-drop trajectories calculations
  • Dogleg severity calculation
  • Measurement-while-drilling (MWD)
  • Logging-while-drilling (LWD)
  • Geosteering technique

  Horizontal & Multilateral Well Drilling: (1 day)

  • Limitations of horizontal well drilling
  • Potential areas to drill horizontal wells
  • Horizontal well drilling techniques
  • Horizontal well completion techniques
  • Horizontal well completion considerations
  • Multilateral well terminologies
  • Multilateral well configurations
  • Applications of multilateral wells
  • Multilateral well classification systems

  Fishing Operations & Equipment: (1 day)

  • Causes of fishing operation
  • Fishing cost analysis
  • Tools for fishing a junk
  • Pipe recovery methods
  • Open-hole fishing
  • Cased-hole fishing